September 14 2014


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Something’s here I’m not quite getting
Though I try, I keep forgetting
Like a memory long since past
Here in an instant, gone in a flash
What does it mean?

Sunday, running, stretching, cooking, cleaning, resting, pancakes, protein, watching football, massage,reading…

Marcus Tari Marcus Tari Marcus Tari Marcus Tari

September 13 2014


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Somewhere deep inside of these bones
An emptiness began to grow
There’s something out there, far from my home
A longing that I’ve never known…

Marcus Tari Marcus Tari

First Saturday in Munich, spent with Petter walking around, having a nice lunch at our old hang-out place, Cuccuma. Ended with a trip to Nespresso for updating my coffee “stash”. The rest of the Saturday will be spent doing nothing except chilling with Caro, watching series, eating good food and taking care of our bodies.


September 12 2014


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Today’s classes:

Classical ballet 1,5h
Modern 1,5h
Modern technique 1,5

= 4,5h Training

PotD #4

Marcus Tari

the world trough a foam roller, stretch while you wait for next class…


September 9 2014


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Today’s classes:

Classical ballet 1,5h
Modern 0,5h
Modern 1,5h
Jazz 1h

= 4,5h Training

First day of the last year in school and if you don’t know, this year I will take a photo each day in school and post it instead of writing so much.

PotD #1


the feeling of being back in school…

September 8 2014


Here upon theses stones we will build our barricade
In the heart of the city we claim as our own…

Tomorrow is the first day of the last year of my second started artist education. Let’s finish it with a smile.Marcus Tari

Check my site everyday! I will post a picture everyday from my education at Iwanson

September 7 2014


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I heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?

Spending some time on Movescount fixing some nice running routes in Munich, I also took the time to sign up for Munich 10k.It  feels good to have it done so I really will do it and have as a nice goal upcoming month.Marcus Tari

Now, back to training for real, not only dance but also fitness. Looking forward to a year free from injuries, many hours of training, lots of healthy, nutritious food, and taking in as much as possible of what I can learn.Marcus Tari

September 5 2014


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How did we get here?
How the hell…
Pan left — close on the steeple of the church
How did I get here?

Super heavy 5km trekking got to end our trip in the mountains of Val di Sole. The high climb resulting in coming to a cordoned castle, because it was to dangerous to enter, Rocca di Samoclevo. Disappointed but was fun to reach that height. Took some pictures a bit inside the perimeter.

Marcus Tari Marcus Tari Marcus Tari Marcus Tari TAR_4357 Marcus Tari Marcus Tari Marcus Tari Marcus Tari Marcus Tari


September 3 2013


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I don’t want to judge
What’s in your heart
But if you’re not ready for love
How can you be ready for life?

Last day in Italy, or no maybe not, tomorrow we are in the mountains at Maso Coler for a night before continuing on to Munich.

The last day of the workshops at A Passo di Danza… an amazing group and wonderful co-teachers. Really leaving this with a lot of experiences richer. No pictures at the moment since there was photographer so I will get pictures later.

Till then, a random teaching picture…Marcus Tari


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